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National Association of Evangelicals: "Love Thy Immigrant Neighbors" Anti-Immigrant Lobby: "Hammer Their Denominations"

Washington, DC - Despite having no religious standing whatsoever, the anti-immigrant lobby has launched an unprecedented attack on religious denominations in response to the National Association of Evangelicals' (NAE) recent statement in support of immigration reform and compassion for immigrant families.

Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, an anti-immigrant Internet group, told Congressional Quarterly[1] that "about a third of our members are evangelicals...We let them know, and they immediately started hammering their denominations." While evangelical leaders called for tolerance and a pragmatic approach to immigration, Beck fumed to his Internet followers that evangelical leaders "bring discredit on their religious faiths from their sloppiness in truth seeking and their lack of intellectual integrity."

Beck's call has been echoed on white nationalist websites (1, 2) and by Mark Krikorian, executive director of NumbersUSA's partner "think tank," called the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Krikorian declared that "for religious organizations to get involved in this issue is really not appropriate." Actual religious leaders disagree. In addition to the NAE, hundreds of denominations and communities of faith have made similar calls, including 500 national and regional denominations and religious organizations who signed a recent interfaith statement supporting comprehensive immigration reform and calling on Congress to act.

Krikorian's CIS also recently hosted a four-person press event to school religious leaders; three out of the four speakers were CIS staff. And CIS released a report by John R. Edwards, principal of the "Man in the Action Group," claiming to provide a more authoritative interpretation of the Bible than the one provided by actual religious leaders. Edwards is also the author of CIS reports which purport to correct the perspectives of nationally-recognized law enforcement officials on how to improve community safety, among other issues.

According to Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice:

"On matters of faith and pastoral care, I think it is fair to say that religious leaders speak with more authority than anti-immigrant hardliners like Roy Beck and Mark Krikorian.

"In fact, the resolution in support of comprehensive immigration reform approved without dissent by the National Association of Evangelicals was 'carefully and prayerfully developed with biblical reflections and extensive consultations among evangelical leaders,' according to Galen Carey, the association's director of government affairs, who was quoted in the Congressional Quarterly article mentioned above.

"Meanwhile, the anti-immigrant lobby hired the same man to pretend to know law enforcement better than America's police chiefs one week, and then claim to know the Bible better than the moral authority of nearly all of our nation's religious leaders the next. It looks like the Center for Immigration Studies called the press to a staff meeting and called it a 'panel of experts'."

Red, White and Brown Pride

By Osvaldo Castillo

El Observador

It is no secret that Latinos make up a significant portion of the US military. They are in all branches of the military and some even hold high-ranking positions. Though Latinos impact to the US military is immeasurable, their contribution can be dated back hundreds of years.

Traces of Latinos aiding the US military can be traced back to the American Revolutionary War when then governor of Spanish Lousiana Bernardo de Galvez provided soldiers to the revolutionary army. Over 4,000 of those Spanish soldiers died while prisoners of war on English prison ships in New York Harbor, in the American War of Independence.

During the American Civil War, Latinos fought along side the Union as well as the Confederacy. While fighting for the Confederacy, Latinos fought in the Benavides Regiments, commanded by Colonel Santos Benavides, and in the 10th Texas Cavalry, commanded by Major Leonides M. Martin in Texas. The also fought in Alabama, Missouri and South Carolina. Several also served in New Mexico for the Union.

Approximately 500,000 Latinos served in World War II. In the European Theater, Hispanics of the 36th Infantry Division from Texas, were some of the first American troops to land on Italian soil at Salerno and suffered heavy casualties during the controversial crossing of the Rapido River near Cassino Italy. The 88th Infantry Division, composed mostly of draftees from the southwestern states, was ranked in the top 10 for combat effectiveness and earned the highest praise from their German adversaries after the war. The 2nd Armored Division was active in the African as well as the campaign throughout Europe in World War II. There were a great number of Hispanics in the 2nd.

While in Vietnam, the US armed forces consisted of 80,000 Latino and accounted for 25 percent of casualties.

Today there are many Latinos serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of them are documented. According to www.americantaino.com, 46 percent of Latinos say they have a friend or family member who is serving or has served in Iraq.

However, many Latinos and Latino veterans are working together to help out those who have returned from these wars adjust to life back in the states.

Latinos, especially students, can find help by visiting Web sites' such as www.brownpride.us, and by searching for grants and scholarships for veterans.

In San Jose, American G.I. Forum will celebrate it 50th anniversary on Saturday November 7 at Unify Hall at 765 Story Rd.

"Cobardes" atacan a niños

Por Rosario Vital

El Observador

El pasado 31 de octubre, aproximadamente a las 10:07 de la noche, la policía de San José fue notificada de un disparo en la cuadra 2000 de la calle Story cerca a la Hopkins Dr.

Al llegar a la escena, oficiales localizaron a un niño de 12 años herido de bala quien se debate entre la vida y la muerte y a otro menor de 13 años de edad apuñalado y que ahora se recupera en su hogar.

Los pequeños salieron a pedir dulces y terminaron la noche con esta terrible tragedia.


El alcalde de San Jose, Chuck Reed, la Concejal Nora Campos del Distrito 5 y el Jefe de la Policía de San José, Rob Davis rechazan todo acto de violencia en esta ciudad. Los adolescentes involucrados en este acto criminal serán procesados como adultos, lo dijo la Fiscal del Distrito del Condado de Santa Clara Dolores Carr.

"Te estamos buscando"

"Si eres miembro de una pandilla te estamos buscando. Si cometes delitos estas en problemas", dijo el Jefe de la Policía.

Policía no te reporta a la “migra”

"Si eres testigo de un crimen, no tengas miedo de ayudarnos. No vamos a preguntar tu situación legal", recordó Rob Davis a la comunidad latina. "Tenemos mucho cariño a la comunidad latina y deben ayudar a evitar el problema y estamos dispuestos a ayudarles a ustedes. Trabajamos con padres que se han unido para ayudar en este esfuerzo y todos hablan español. Nosotros estamos dispuestos a ayudar a ustedes a andar juntos para lograr el éxito que buscamos" concluye Davis.

Hasta el momento se han arrestado a 4 sospechosos involucrados en este acto. Los tres primeros jóvenes fueron arrestados dos días después del incidente. El sospechoso Eduardo Cristóbal (18) fue arrestado el pasado 4 de noviembre.

Policía busca a más testigos y piden por favor colaborar para esclarecer este caso. Las personas que saben algo pueden llamar al Sargento Mike Brown o al Sargento  Paul Kelly y al Sargento Bill Hoyt a la unidad de homicidios 408-277-5283.  Las personas que deseen permanecer en el anonimato pueden llamar al 408-947-STOP (7867).

Reunión el 10 de noviembre

Las autoridades locales están covocando a una reunión con el vecindario. Esta cita es el próximo 10 de noviembre en la cafeteria de la Escuela Lee Mathson entre 6:30 a 8:00 pm. Se pide colaboración de la comunidad para frenar la violencia.

Este acto criminal ha sido condenado por las autoridades y la comunidad entera.  Es momento que la comunidad ponga de su parte.  En la ciudad de San José hasta el cierre de nuestra edición  se han producido 24 homicidios y día a día está  más violenta que nunca.

Las autoridades ponen mano dura a estos incidentes y esto no es posible sin la cooperación de quienes residimos.

La comunidad ha participado en vigilias y condenan estos actos. Se pide a los padres participar y hacer lo posible para prevenir desgracias como estas.


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